Miriam - Blinded

Foto: Ole Morten Halvorsen –  DOWNLOAD

Foto: Ole Morten Halvorsen – DOWNLOAD

In anticipation of her live debut, Miriam releases “Blinded”, her fourth single. The track shows a new side from the young artist with a daring sound infused by modern r’n’b, pop and soul.

After releasing two singles, “One More Night” and “You Make Me So Bad” in the spring of 2019, the latter being called “the best new song of the week” by Norway’s leading pop culture blog 730, Miriam has been booked to Vill Vill Vest in Bergen and listed by NRK P3.

Blinded is out September 13th via ACT Entertainment.


Artist: Miriam
Title: Blinded
Release: September 13th, 2019

Label: ACT Entertainment

UPC: 192641366093
ISRC: NO8NR1903010

Writers: Miriam Masecha Mwanga, Mathias Risdal, Margrete Hjelle
Production: Mathias Risdal, Margrete Hjelle

LABEL/PR (ACT Creative) - Ask Frederik Berg, ask@act.as