Morten Myklebust – Break Up

Photo: PR

Photo: PR

“Break up” is Morten Myklebust’s third studio album, but the first time Susanne Sundfør is behind the production. The two have collaborated earlier on the radio hit “Away” from his debut album in 2012. This time they have gone together to create a fully formed breakup-album. The ten songs sound unmistakingly like Myklebust and Sundfør when they through a stripped down soundscape with nods to the 70-s tell the story of a relationship that is about to end.

Myklebust is by many counted as one of Norway’s best english songwriters and has worked, albeit somewhat in the shadows, with many of the country’s biggest artist over the last ten years. After his self titled debut album (2012) and The Sparks Flew Up (2015) he has gained a faithful audience and millions of streams. On his list of fans you find the likes of Fran Healey (Travis) and Tom Chaplin (Keane) that has brought Morten along to gigs around Europe.

“In my opinion, Morten Myklebust is one of Norway’s greatest songwriters. I’m grateful to be part of this project, and for that he wanted us to work together in this way”, Sundfør comments.

The two have known each other from before any of them had started their careers and they lived together in a collective at Carl Berner in Oslo.

“We have a long history of arguing and quarreling about everything, so it was fun to use that dynamic to make an album. We decided on the lyrical and musical direction long before we began recording, so when we started, the album was already done, both mentally and musically”, Morten says.

The album is recorded together with some of Norway’s best jazz musicians. Gard Nilsen (drums), Ole Morten Vågan (bass) and Andre Roligheten (horns), all put their unique touch on “Break Up”, naturally in company with Susanne Sundfør, that contributes with vocals, synth and piano.

Morten Myklebust plays guitar, piano and has written all of the songs. The album is mixed and mastered by Jørgen Træen (Duper Studio). Most of the album was recorded in Sundførs studio in Oslo.

And in the apartment they once shared.


Artist: Morten Myklebust
Title: Break Up
Release: September 6th 2019

Label: ACT Entertainment
UPC: 192641351976

Lyrics and melody: Morten Myklebust

Production: Susanne Sundfør

PR – Charlotte Öqvist,
LABEL – Ask Frederik Berg,