Foto: Jonathan Vivaas Kise

Foto: Jonathan Vivaas Kise


No. 4 slipper deres tredje album, “Duell” 20. september 2019.

Listen to “You Make Me So Bad” below:

Artist: Miriam
Title: You Make Me So Bad

Release: April 26th 2019

Label: ACT Entertainment

ISRC: NO8NR1901010
UPC: 192641284397

Writers: Miriam Masecha Mwanga, Jim Bergsted, Hanne Mjøen, Sebastian Aasen

Production: Jim Bergsted, Sebastian Aasen





PRESS PHOTOS (All photos by Ole Martin Halvorsen)

The single release will be backed with a range of visual content, including a music video, social media teasers, press photos and more.

Music video snippet (Ole Martin Halvorsen)

Music video snippet (Ole Martin Halvorsen)

See a selection of press photos below. Follow link above for high quality files.


Miriam’s logo is classic but modern, understated but visually complex.



Music has been part of Miriam’s DNA since she was a child. Coming from a family with roots in Norway and Tanzania, she’s been writing songs and singing as long as she can remember. The first song she wrote at eleven, fittingly named “I Wanna Be A Star” never saw the light of day, but Miriam has been at it since then and matured both in her craft and inspirations, absorbing modern r’n’b, glittering pop, dance music and hip hop into her own universe.

Miriam ins’t afraid of wearing her inspirations on her sleeve, literally, with W.A.Y.S. tattooed on her left wrist as seen on the cover for “You Make Me So Bad”. The tattoo is an homage to Jhene Aiko, one of Miriam’s biggest inspirations. The tattoo (an abbreviation for Why Aren’t You Smiling) is a testament to staying strong through the tough times, as there’s always light on the other side of a tough situation.

Over the last two years, Miriam has written with many of Norway’s top songwriters, and was chosen out as a new talent to participate in 2018’s By:songs camp. Her debut single, “Off That Thing” was released in 2018, with Scandipop describing the track as “an excellent r&b-pop track that takes an admirable amount of sonic twists and turns within its mere two minutes and 48 seconds. Every one of them adding up to a hugely enjoyable first listen that commands further listens!”


Miriam's audience, is young, politically progressive and mostly female. On her personal Instagram account she has over 6500 followers and regularly posts fun, relatable pictures of herself and her friends as well as music, memes and snippets from the studio.

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Outside vs inside feelings😎

Et innlegg delt av Miriam (@miriammwanga)

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Et innlegg delt av Miriam (@miriammwanga)

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