Pish - Pish (Album)

Foto: Linn Heidi Stokkedal –  DOWNLOAD

Foto: Linn Heidi Stokkedal – DOWNLOAD

He has toured the world for nearly ten years, playing for thousands of people night after night. Now, Pish is trying his luck with a unexpectedly sophisticated solo record. 

Pål Vindenes, also known as Moon Man, Space, Big P or simply Pish spends most of his time as one of the front men of Kakkmaddafakka, one of Norway’s biggest indie exports and possibly one of the best live bands on the planet, constantly dishing out ecstatic, high energy live shows. Who would have known that the same man would be capable of producing one of 2018’s most sophisticated guitar pop albums?

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«I didn’t want to become lazy and comfortable», Pål says. «I sat down with my producer and told him to throw every prejudice about what a Pish album would sound out of the window. I guess a lot of people expect me to be funny and charming, but this record comes from a different place than where I find inspiration for the Kakkmaddafakka-material.»

Recorded together with Matias Tellez of «Young Dreams», the nine tracks showcase Vindenes’ taste for elegant guitar melodies, relatable, melancholic lyrics and solid indie pop production. «I wanted to be really involved, and together with Matias, I think we carved out a sound and feel of the album that’s really me!».

Even if «Pish» is mostly a solo effort, Pål has gotten help and inspiration from some familiar figures in the Kakkmaddafakka-universe. Axel Sverke Vindenes, the other front person of Kakkmaddafakka isn’t just Pål’s brother, but also runs their joint label operation, Bergen Mafia. «We created Bergen Mafia mostly to release Kakk-material, but after hearing the first demos that Pish and Matias had recorded, it was obvious for me that it made sense for us to release this record ourselves, and keep it in the family, business,» Axel says.

Live dates are already confirmed in Germany, The Netherlands and Norway. We're also working on a tour with longtime Kakkmaddafakka collaborator Erlend Øye.

Artist: Pish
Title: Pish
Release: May 4th 2018

Label: Bergen Mafia

UPC: 192641041891

Writers: Pål Vindenes, Martin Paul Gowland, David Holmes
Production: Matias Tellez

LABEL/PR (Bergen Mafia) - Ask Frederik Berg, ask@act.as 
PR (Ballyhoo Media) - Dieter Schienhammer, ds@ballyhoomedia.de