Kakkmaddafakka - Summer Melancholy (SINGLE/VIDEO)

Video release Friday 11 am CET

Kakkmaddafakka press picture (Linn Heidi Stokkedal)

«I longed for a blonde beauty to enter the scene - but no. Like for the protagonist, all hope is lost as the video takes us into a racecourse. Empty seats and lonely men.» - Tolga Balci

«Summer Melancholy» is the third single from Kakkmaddafakka’s latest album, «Hus».

In the music video for «Summer Melancholy» everything moves and is yet completely still, the air is tense with expectations for new chances and disappointing repetitions.  We are offered an intriguing image of a place that - just like love - keeps people in limbo. We know it’s futile and try once again.

Director Tolga Balci has the following to say about the video: «The video is shot at Velifendi Hippodrome İstanbul during autumn. It is a sad place with mostly man that bets probably daily basis. I got a permission to shoot these materials inside or else wasn’t allowed.  I want you to know that there is woman discount in the door to get in. This example shows how the place desperately man populated. I found a great contrast with the song’s theme with these people. And also there is a parallel movement with their believes & disappointments that happens in summer love.»

«Summer Melancholy» is out everywhere through Bergen Mafia March 23rd

Artist: Kakkmaddafakka
Title: Summer Melancholy
Release: March 23rd 2018

Label: Bergen Mafia

ISRC: NODLG1708070
UPC: 192641049439

Writers: Axel Vindenes, Vera Karina Kleppe

LABEL/PR (Bergen Mafia) - Ask Frederik Berg, ask@act.as