Jadudah - Sunrise

Photo: PR

Photo: PR

Jadudah are here with the first single from their upcoming self-titled sophomore album. Having already been one of the most played rock bands on Norwegian P3, expectations are high for what the quintet have been cooking up. After listening to "Sunrise" once, it becomes clear that they've spent the time well.

Like before, melodic rock is at the center of Jadudah's music, but this time they've experimented with other influences, and brought out a series of interesting collaborators. On "Sunrise", the band have gotten production help from Andrew Murray who has made a name for himself with his production work for Sassy009, Eye Emma Jedi and Lovespeake. "He really pushed us to try new directions and explore our own sound and songs," singer Helle Larsen says about the collaboration. "Sunrise is a big leap forward for us, and I really think it reflects the direction we're going with his record."

"Jadudah" the band's second album is going to be released early 2019 with a big tour TBC.
"Sunrise" is out July 6th on Arch Records.


Artist: Jadudah
Title: Sunrise
Release: July 6th 2018

Label: Arch Records

ISRC: NO4DI1804010
UPC: 192641120916

Writers: Helle Larsen, Joakim Finstad Jenssen, Sverre Simonsen, Patrick Jaklin, Tobias Solheim-Nilsen
Production: Andrew Murray, Sondre Mjåland

LABEL/PR (Arch Records) - Ask Frederik Berg, ask@act.as