Comet Kid - To Be Alone

Collage: PR

Collage: PR

It's the end of an era for the five boys in Comet Kid. Having started the band together in 2013, it's been five years of non-stop touring, packed shows and endless hours on the road. "To Be Alone", their final gift to their fans is a melancholic farewell to the summer days and winter nights spent together in small hotel rooms and 9 seater vans.

Been thinking ‘bout it for a while, I’m taking a break from you and I, let’s bee honest, baby.
— "To Be Alone", Comet Kid

Comet Kid are playing their final, sold out show in Oslo's Rockefeller on May 25th, the same day as "To Be Alone" is released.

To Be Alone is out May 25th.

Artist: Comet Kid
Title: To Be Alone
Release: May 25th 2018

Label: Solid Roots

UPC: 192641106606
ISRC: NOJGX1802010

Writers: Comet Kid
Production: Comet Kid

LABEL/PR (ACT Creative) - Ask Frederik Berg,